Rewarding Yourself for Staying on Plan

Keeping yourself strained to a tight budget can be stressful and time consuming. It can be good to let loose now and then and take a break from it all. But with this comes the danger of letting go too much. So how can you avoid the pitfalls while enjoying the reward? The answer is simple, but it requires some planning... An easy way to make a task more interesting is to use gamification. This is where your create a game for yourself to achieve your goal. Perhaps you have decided to go a month without your usual morning coffee. You could create an anti-loyalty card, something like punch the card every time you don’t get a coffee and when the card is full you can buy one as a reward! Believe me, that one coffee you have after a week of missing out will taste perfect! The Bigger They Are… A reward is only worthwhile based on the struggle that it took to achieve, and it needs to be something that doesn’t interfere with your main goal. You probably don’t want to put all the effort of keeping to a plan just to blow it all on an ice sculpture! There are many ways you could implement this strategy, but it is important to note that the reward needs to reflect the challenge. There is no point in giving yourself a huge reward for something that really took very little effort to complete. Make it worth it, make it something that makes you shout, I earned this!! How it all Works Focus on the reward and remind yourself that as you progress that reward is getting closer and closer. Say to yourself, I don’t need that today, because on Saturday… You will find that the feeling of getting a reward later will spur you on and keep you on track. But, if it doesn’t, don’t let that get you down, failure is how we learn. Have another look at your goal and reward, perhaps it was too small of a thing. Maybe you didn’t really get the feel for it, was it not special enough? Were you looking forward to it like a starving man looks at a bucket of chicken? Rinse and Repeat Once you have found what specific reward works for you, then it will get much easier. If you can recycle that reward and use it time after time, eventually it will become habit. Perhaps you can do away with the reward, as once you are doing things habitually you may not need them at all. But, then the reward is all a part of the fun, so don’t be too keen to get rid of them!

Have a wonderful week, Erika Gilbert

My Income Organiser

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