The Hurdle I Hit 3 Years Ago...

The new year is here! How are you spending January? This time about 3 years ago I was sitting in my living room, snoozing baby beside me and a head full of frustration. It was a hot day, I was sleep-deprived and I was having trouble pushing myself to 'get this thing working'. I was working on my Spending Plan... kind of like a budget but doesn't go down to the cent, and instead of tracking my coffees it serves as an instruction manual on what to do now to reach my goals. I set my start date as tomorrow and off I went. Then tomorrow happened and I hadn't finished looking at my bank statements, let alone balanced! I was behind. Urgh! Great way to start the new year. I changed the start date to the next day, then the next, it was an endless cycle! Every time I changed the date to tomorrow, money would be spent on something and I was too busy changing all the start dates that I never got to balance my Plan. At the time I couldn't work out why I was so frustrated, but now looking back, of course I was! I needed to do something, pronto... Spending Freeze to the rescue! I needed it. Straight away I changed my Start Date to my Spending Freeze end date, the balances stayed much the same (woohoo!) and I spent the next 2 weeks tinkering. I put in my expenses, played around until it balanced (I could to pay off TWO things in the first year!!) and then set up my real life balance transfers to match my plan. And the rest is history...! A Spending Freeze is something that can be done at any time and doesn't require any preparation. You don't need to pre-buy anything, you don't need to save up for it, you don't need to organise for it. If you haven't got your Plan balancing yet, maybe a Spending Freeze can help you too.

Start Your Own Spending Freeze Now

Have a wonderful week, Erika Gilbert

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