Why isn't budgeting working for me?

"Why isn't this working?" Have you ever asked yourself this? I definitely have. "Managing my day to day finances shouldn't be this difficult!" is another one I've said myself. Honestly on the surface it doesn't make any sense. All you need to do is pay your bills on time, pay your luxuries from what is left over, and everything will work swimmingly. Oh and set aside part of that luxury money for emergencies.

Done. Problem solved.

If it were that simple, wouldn't you be doing it already? I know I would have avoided a lot of stress myself if it were.... So why are there calls for kids to be taught budgeting in school if that's all there is to it? I want to share with you the magic of how the planning we do at My Income Organiser is completely different to ordinary budgeting. The magic of what we do is... we grab a metaphorical map, we place a pin where we want to head, and then we can work back from there all the way to today. We can know exactly what we need to do now (each month, each week, each day) to make sure we're on track to get there. PLUS if life gets in the way, the plan simply adjusts to show you the tweaks to be made so you're still on track! Is that not the most exciting thing you could possibly do for your life? Really the hardest part is working out where you are going to place that pin! Regular holidays? A house deposit? Pay off your car? It's up to you!

Have a lovely week,

Erika Gilbert

My Income Organiser

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