Let's Refresh with the Fresher Weather

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I don't know about you but the warmer weather always makes me feel a bit restless. Like "that's it, I've had enough and I'm getting this done.... finally!" It's the time I clean out the garage, the time I change the batteries on the things I've been putting off, and I usually do a couple of handyman things around the house. My current project is cleaning the front porch concrete and replacing the plastic guard on the shower door ($6 from Bunnings!) I start planning for Christmas and the coming year.... and refresh my current goals!

Now is a great time for you to take a look at the things you have been working on so far this year and see if you need to freshen up.

Tip 1: Do you still want the same things? It's important to regularly (once or twice a year is usually enough) check in on your goals to make sure you're still excited by them. When using My Income Organiser's program it can be really easy to get into a routine where money practically accumulates itself. But even if you're not thinking about it all the time, your motivation can lessen if you're not really excited about your goals (or really angry... sometimes that is a great motivator too). So keep them current and don't be afraid to change along the way. Tip 2: Is there something always throwing you off track? We are all thrown off track every so often. It's natural and part of life. But if the same thing is throwing you off track and putting you behind where you should be, maybe you should see if you can take it up a notch. If the same thing is putting you behind over and over, I recommend looking at it again. Is there a different way you can deal with it? Is it something you even need? If you keep being 'surprised' by it, perhaps you should factor it into your plan as an ongoing expense.

... and if you don't end up needing it, it's just a bonus! Tip 3: Can you simplify your plan? When getting started it can be more straight forward to set up an account for every single goal separately. This way you know exactly where everything is at any given time. As time goes on though, you mind find a joint holiday fund is simpler than a different account for each individual holiday. You might find an overall house fund is simpler than one for furniture, a different one for appliances, a different one for fixings, and so on. If there is something you can do to simplify your plan and still get great results, this is a perfect time to do it!

Speak soon, Erika Gilbert

My Income Organisers

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