Sometimes the quirkiest things remind us of what is important

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I travel on the bus fairly often, and we pass several infamous adults-only venues (of all things! I know!) along the way. They seem to mind their own business and most you wouldn't even know were there unless you were actively looking. Yesterday when going passed there was a cyclist taking a photo of one of the signs. Boldly standing out front, bicycle on the ground, clad in spandex, phone camera in hand. got me thinking about all the weird and wonderful things we share with our friends. How we as humans really don't care about the opinions of the driving strangers that pass us, as long as we can bring a smile to the faces of the people we care about. Then I think about our propensity to want to 'keep up with the Joneses'. Not all of us, but enough that it's a behaviour that we've pretty much all come across and it transcends generations. How do we sometimes screen out the opinions of others to bring a smile to our friends, but at other times we will sacrifice until we've pleased those same strangers? I honestly think the answer is about putting things into perspective. Taking a minute out from what you're doing to really consider if the sacrifice will make you happy, or someone you're not that interested in in the first place. An example many of us can probably relate to is doing something at school because cool kids are doing it, rather than your dorky friends. I remember one time in early high school, so I was probably about 13yo, my parents had given me money to rent out a New Release. A special treat! I could either choose between the latest rom com the cool kids were talking about, or the latest thriller my friends were talking about. You guessed it, I chose the rom com that day. I was stuck not being able to talk to friends about the movie because no-one had seen it, and not being able to talk to other people about it because we weren't really friends and didn't chat much. What a waste of my parent's special treat! Now that I'm older, I would never make that kind of a sacrifice for non-friends. Not for a movie and not for anything else that wastes my time and money. I recommend the same to you ❤❤

Speak soon, Erika Gilbert

My Income Organiser

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