Budgets and spreadsheets are boring...

There is an old saying that if you want something done, give it to a busy person. It's all about maintaining focus and sticking to a goal - this adage can also be applied to planning your personal finances! Once you start, the momentum pushes you not to stop and pretty soon the snowball is rolling with little effort. Yet one of the biggest reasons we don’t get that snowball rolling is it can seem too hard and there are too many decisions. Budgets conjure up images of Excel spreadsheets, boring nights in with 2 Minute Noodles and falling off the wagon. But it doesn’t have to.... Know What You Want Setting a goal and working towards it has the added bonus of being rewarding beyond the financial gains. While organising your income for absolutely no reason is in itself beneficial, doing it for a purpose will instantly introduce the reality that after all the hard work and sacrifice you will have something to show for it. So whether it’s a house, a car, a new pair of shoes or just freeing up some cash to be able enjoy the downtime more freely, organising your income with intention and something attainable in mind is the best motivation you can have for changing your habits.

Change What You Do Eating out every night, going to your favourite bar or being first in line to see the newest release movies can be a big part of what life is all about. Yet if doing only this on repeat there is a wealth of fun not being acknowledged that is a fraction of the price of a restaurant dinner. Sticking to your spending plan doesn’t mean that you must stay in night after night making arts and crafts out of your old cereal boxes. Instead you can create imaginative social gatherings that are as cost effective as they are memorable, like a Friday night retro board game extravaganza or Saturday Pot Luck. All of these can be carefree ways to ensure that your social life doesn’t suffer as your bank account soars. Treat Yourself Particularly when creating a long term spending plan, it works best if there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And even better if there are lamp posts along the way! When putting together your plan, it’s not slacking or cheating to actually allocate funds for both social and physical treats. In fact, it's a mandatory part of your plan! Everyone needs to go out and experience something new and enjoyable every once in a while. It helps you feel like you're living 'normally' while you can still see your money growing in the ways that are truly important to you.

Speak soon, Erika Gilbert

My Income Organiser

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