Using Change to Create Change

Every day, many of us buy coffee for $3.95 or lunch for $12.50 and throw the coins in to the bottom of our pockets or bag and either forget about it or pool it together for micro purchases. We don’t think of this currency as anything of great value because on its own it isn’t. But when collected over time, five cents here and a dollar there can build up to be a decent chunk of change. While it’s something of an old school savings technique that our grandparents once did, putting these spare coins into a jar and waiting until it is full is still around because it works without you really noticing. Setting A Goal Like all budgeting, collecting all of your coins works best when you’re doing it for a reason. Throwing money into a bucket for absolutely no reason isn’t inspiring. But when you have something in mind - like a new couch, a holiday or a numerical amount - and can get it with the smallest amount of effort possible, it suddenly feels worth it. Making It Fun Giant novelty money tins are one way to store spare change without being able to dip into it. But not being able to see where you’re at with your goal may eventually stop the fun. Finding an entertaining or even aesthetically pleasing jar to act as your savings account can encourage the process. When you see how little you have to go until you can cash it all it, it can be a great way to keep the motivation alive. Using Cash Credit and debit cards are incredibly convenient but they’re not great for keeping track of spending for a lot of us. Being about to pull out plastic to cover the costs means you might not look at how all of those little amounts are building up. However, actually withdrawing cash at the beginning of the week and using it to cover all purchases means that you know where every little bit is going and how much you have to go before it's gone. Finding ways to create your own wealth that match who you are and fit you to a tee is a huge part of the fun. It's all about gaining control of your life that will continue to pay off year after year. Using change to create change in your life takes just a little bit of focus that has the possibility of creating a big change.

Speak soon, Erika Gilbert

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