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When I first asked Catherine (not her real name) if she would be happy to share her amazing story with my readers, she honestly didn't think she had done anything worth sharing. People have told me that before... "I haven't done anything special, I just followed the plan". But that IS special As she got writing, she realised the mountain she had climbed. She ended up writing a couple of pages on her wins! Here is a portion on the amazing turnaround she was able to make when she started facing the calls instead of running from them.

"Many times I sighed, no I screamed, that the only reason I had to take the high interest loans was because I was poor, even though I paid all my bills on time. It seemed that I should get a lower rate because I did not have money and I needed it.

"Why, I wondered, did the people who had money get the lowest rates? They did not need them as badly as I did. It wasn't fair.

"I remember being afraid to answer the phone if was behind on something because I did not know what would happen. I found out that the phone company just wanted to help me with a pay schedule and that the electric company wanted to do the same. Not taking the calls put me in a position where once I had the utilities turned off and once I had the phone turned off. Fear motivates me to make some dumb decisions.

"No one can afford to be ignorant about money these days, when everything costs double what it did when I was younger and raising my children. I know money is a scary topic, it is almost overwhelming, but if I can tell you anything I want to tell you to empower yourself with information, know what money is about, learn how to use it and then put one foot in front of the other and keep on keeping on. Go slow go far and eventually you will start to move into the plus column, I promise."

Speak soon, Erika Gilbert

My Income Organiser

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