Are You Celebrating... or Competing?

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Do you know someone that never seems to be happy when something positive happens for someone else? I think we all do. Today I want to talk about celebrating the success of others, and why that is important for your success.

Scarcity vs Plentiful Mindset

Are you believing the lie that someone else’s success takes your portion of the pie? A scarcity mindset is when we believe that there is only so much success to go around. We take, take, take in fear of “running out.” But guess what? This is a dangerous trap. There is plenty of the pie to go around and we have to actually believe that before we begin to see the fruit of success in our lives. I’m telling you, when you shift from a scarcity mindset to a plentiful mindset, where you truly believe there is always enough, you will see a major shift in your level of success. Celebration Helps The Half-Full Mentality

Sometimes it is not easy to celebrate someone on their success, especially if you feel you've worked longer and harder. The easy choice to make would be to minimise their accomplishment or become bitter, but honestly, that will hurt you the most. When you celebrate other’s victories, you are setting yourself up to be celebrated when you cross those milestones for yourself.

Comparison Kills Creativity

Like I said, it can be tough when those around you are crossing the finish line and you’re still waiting to take off. But it is important to steer away from asking “what about me”. When you get caught up in comparing yourself to others, you are missing the point. You are wasting valuable time that could be spent investing positivity in your life. Instead of stewing over what so-and-so accomplished and why you are not as successful as them…do something about it. Get creative!

Envy Sabotages

Envy will eat away at you, and leave you unable to enjoy this journey. It will never be enough when you do reach milestones, because you are comparing yourself to the person who is one step ahead. Let go of this habit, and make the most of the time you have been given each day. This is a much more useful way to work towards accomplishing your goals.

If you feel yourself having difficulty celebrating someone else's success, keep this in mind: “When you celebrate someone else’s success, it makes easier for others to celebrate yours.”

Speak soon, Erika Gilbert

My Income Organiser

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