Starting a new journey can be daunting

"Whenever people ask me how I've turned my finances around so far, my answer is always the same. I just take it one week at a time!

"For as long as I can remember, looking at the big picture has made me feel overwhelmed. It’s as if all the possibilities within that big picture made me more nervous than excited. I had plenty of friends, family and countless books bombarding me with this notion that you can change your life all in 1 year, 6 months, 3 months etc. To be perfectly honest the idea of “budgeting” for even 3 months straight genuinely seemed impossible. I know myself - the anticipation of being 'deprived' has always been a problem for me.

"Instead of being daunted by the prospect of staying on track .... for...ever.... I decided to just do Step 1 in a week. Literally that was it. A one step commitment to myself and then I would re-assess whether or not to keep going.

"By Wednesday I was, for the first time in my entire life, looking forward to doing more. I could see the bigger picture. Where it's all going. I had set myself this short-term goal to take one step at a time, and I was going to stick to it. So I drank a cup of tea, put my thinking cap on and carried on.

"By the end of the week, I felt like I was glowing, and not just with the usual TGIF glow but with something that shined a little brighter. I noticed I had slightly more of a spring in my step, I was sleeping better and I felt less sluggish. Could this all be just from my recent break up with stress? I wasn’t completely convinced but what I did know was that I was feeling better than I had done for quite some time.

"The next week rolled around and I reflected on how much I had done so far. It was relatively painless. The worries were starting to be fade, I somehow felt a little lighter and my head was clearer. These all left me feeling great but the best feeling by far was that of accomplishment and success.

"In that moment in a blur of pride and self-confidence, instead of rewarding myself by buying something I would regret, I closed my eyes and imagined receiving a bravery award of some kind (honestly a whole week of working on my finances was something I never thought I could do, let alone enjoy) and in that moment clutching onto my imaginary medal I decided to try and take another self-appointed 1 week challenge but step it up a notch! With the support of Erika and my week by week mentality, I'm not overwhelmed and I now have 8 bravery medals.

I still can't believe I am half way to where I want to be already!"

~ big thank you to Patrick for sharing his in-progress journey

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