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Are you a Barefoot fan too? I am and have been for many years now. Even before the release of Scott Pape’s latest hit book, I was fully behind his sensible principles and was a regular listener to his podcast (it doesn’t run anymore, but I wish it did!) So you’re probably quietly asking… if I was following Scott’s principles years ago, why did I (and fellow Income Organiser, Lina) become certified in Income Organising? The easy answer is that it didn’t matter how many budgets I set up for my household to get on top of everything, I could never make it work… … not by itself anyway. I joined the BFI forum and spoke to other members who had an array of different excel spreadsheets, or pages and pages of handwritten plans. I would start off well but it was so time consuming that I simply couldn’t keep on top of it long term. I also couldn’t work out how to plan for unexpected things. It was like the second I saved some money, it was gone. Getting ahead just wasn’t happening. Sound familiar? I know now that I wasn’t alone. That lots of people have had that experience. So what did I do? I combined a better way to budget with the BFI principles. I found a way the system can work out things like percentages for me. I didn’t want to have to do that each pay (especially time consuming for irregular incomes) and I wanted to know that I could plan for large expected expenses without having to always factor it in myself. Who wants to calculate $30.78 each fortnight for car registration? Plus all of the other long term portions, and monitor all of them manually?? Or even with a spreadsheet? Spreadsheets just tell you if something IS possible, but they don’t tell you what to do each and every pay day to get there. Plus when you break down an annual budget to each pay day, it usually finishes in $0 which is hugely depressing. And not even real life! Using the example above, instead of alloacting $30.78 each fortnight to car registration, I might skip a fortnight because it’s a big one, and instead allocate twice as much the following fortnight. Or vice versa. There are lots of calculations in there, and to be honest, I’ve never found the monotony of small increments fun. It’s boring and goes on forever. Urgh. My Income Organiser is easy, rolls itself over as time goes on and takes very little time and maintenance. Most importantly it handles the ups and downs, and adjusts itself without me physically doing it. Not only that, but you get a dedicated coach to keep you going if you hit a major obstacle, or just want to know that someone else is keeping an eye on you and cheering you on.

Speak soon, Erika Gilbert

My Income Organiser

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