Do you have at least 30 pieces of clothing?

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When we talk about buying things that are truly valuable to us, this also means we don’t buy things that are a waste of our time and energy… and we really won’t miss if we don’t have them. One great way to do this is to remix your wardrobe. Now this is different for each person, so I’m going to start somewhere in the middle and work outwards. Do you have at least 30 pieces of clothing? (excluding inner and outer clothing – eg. socks and coats) This coming weekend, why not get out those 30 pieces of clothing and work out how you will mix and match them into 30 full outfits. This works for all ratios of clothing – if you have 15 pieces, then create 15 outfits; if you have 45 pieces, then create 45 outfits. If you have clothing that you can’t seem to match up with any of the others, this is a good opportunity to reassess whether you want to keep it, or if it’s better donated to someone that can wear it a lot more often. Same with clothing that has really had it’s day. If it’s so old and loved that you won’t wear it anymore, consider passing it to a friend or family member or tearing it up and using it for cleaning rags/DIY jobs around the house. What about a sentimental piece? I have one of these myself. It’s an army-green tailored jacket, waist-length with tassels on the shoulders and clips on it across the breast. Kind of like a frilly, girly, army jacket. It doesn’t fit me anymore but I still hold onto it. I was wearing that jacket when so many wonderful things in my life happened. In this case, I keep it in my wardrobe amongst all of my usual clothes. It’s not framed or tucked away off to the side. I’ve chosen to do that because I think if I’m going to tuck it away and not look at it, I shouldn’t keep it. Instead, every time I go rummaging through the wardrobe I pass it and it gives me a smile. If you also have a sentimental piece of clothing, find a way to make sure that piece adds a regular smile to your week. You might choose to have it framed (I have friends who do that), you might choose to move it to a more obvious area of your wardrobe, you might choose any number of things. What’s important, is that it is giving you a smile and isn’t stuffed away somewhere that you don’t think about it anymore. Go on, sometime over the next couple of weeks, set aside an hour or so and create your 30 outfits. That’s a whole month covered!

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