My Experience on a Spending Freeze

Pre-Journal: I allowed myself 1 brewed coffee per day (instead of 2 or 3) and 1 Pho during the work lunch I am organising. That’s it. There is to be no other discretionary spending.

MONDAY - Day 1

Feeling good and motivated. I always feel like this when starting something new. I’m so excited to see just how much money I save when I don’t spend it on unnecessary things! I filled up my car with petrol yesterday and have a 3l bottle of milk in the fridge (thanks Costco). I have frozen meals in my freezer and a drawer of ready-to-drink protein tetra packs from previous health-kicks.

The day goes well. I tell some of my colleagues about it, really just because they will notice that I’m not having so many coffees. They’re so used to me buying coffees that often I will have a “just going for the walk” partner. Even though it’s only across the road so I’m gone for max 4min, they still come for the walk.

(I’ve just realised it’s kind of like a substitute for those that take smoke breaks throughout the day)

Lunch goes off without a hitch, I purchase my one coffee for the day. Score! My fav barista is on the tools today!

Time for home, and it’s done.

Dinner time, the hubby wants to order out because he’s not feeling well (he’s the main cook in the house). I reminded him about the spending freeze. We had chilli and wedges for dinner (both in our pantry/freezer already). Yum!

Still feeling positive!

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