Keeping The New Year Motivation

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When the new year arrives, many of us are full of excitement for what the coming 12 months can bring. The change we can make, the fun we can have, finishing off our loooooong To Do List that we have gathered over the years.

Bring on the new year where everything will FINALLY happen!


OK so with only 8% of New Years Resolutions being completed, there is one massive obstacle in the way.

Fading motivation.

Change is hard.

It takes effort, consciousness and often a bit more time than we are used to (pretty much because we’re masters of our usual behaviour so we can do it with our eyes closed).

Never fear, motivation is here!

Here are a few lines that describe exactly what financial stress feels like for these people. If you start to feel like your motivation is waning, have a read of these to help bring you back to WHY you’re going through this change.

… I promise, once you’re there for long enough, this will become second nature to you too!

“It really is exactly what it seems, working all day every day just to pay the bills, and barely manage to eat.” Sam

“Living pay cheque to pay cheque is “I can’t come out tonight, having dinner with my parents again;” because I don’t have any other option if I want to eat good once this week.” Jennifer

“Living pay cheque to pay cheque brings upon terrifying moments of “Oh sh*t, rent is due in two days.” Sara

“I remember that one month I actually didn’t have enough for rent and had to call my landlord hysterically crying, pleading my case on why I needed another week. Thankfully he was very understanding.” Franny

“When you’ve had a “instant meal” six out of seven nights this week you know you are living pay cheque to pay cheque.” Gab

“Not being able to afford to participate in group work functions, like holiday parties, secret Santa’s etc." Jackie

“The sad moment when you have to call your parents for help because you can’t afford petrol is the definition of pay cheque to pay cheque life.” Maura

“You’re living pay cheque to pay cheque when you are still answering work emails at 11pm but can’t afford a coffee the next morning. It is painful.” Nicole

“I lived pay cheque to pay cheque for a while after Uni. The lights and TV never went on in my apartment for a good year.” Mary

“One word to describe living pay cheque to pay cheque… #sad.” Amy

“Living pay cheque to pay cheque sucks but it is learning experience because eventually, you will realise there are better jobs out there that will pay better. Never settle.” Melissa

This ‘never settle’ philosophy goes for most everything you’re possibly settling with right now. The longer you settle, the more time is wasted in that rather than the stronger and relaxed one you could be living instead.

Have a wonderful week,

Erika Gilbert

My Income Organiser

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