Wishing You a Very Happy New Year

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With Christmas behind us, you’re probably gearing up for New Years and maybe even considering writing some resolutions. Positive change is a good thing, regardless if you want to get on top of your finances, book your dream holiday, get back on track for retirement planning…. Unsurprisingly New Years Resolutions have a dismal success rate… around 8%. That doesn’t mean they’re pointless though. If done properly, you can be one of the 8% and soar! If you don’t already follow SMART guidelines when setting your goals, here is a really cool video. Steps to start in January (choose whichever points resonate with you):

  • Nominate a weekly or fortnightly savings goal like $50 each week into a savings account. You’re much more likely to complete this than just aiming to “save more”.

  • Set up any transfers now don’t put it off until tomorrow or next month. I’m going to give you 5min right now. Stop reading this email, open your online banking and set up the transfer now…. Go!

  • Retirement planning? Setting up a greater salary sacrifice to grow your super is a useful tips many people make use of. Also contact your super fund to ask if there are other ways you can continue to grow your nest egg. Most funds provide this info for free (but remember it may not be tailored to your specific situation).

  • Review your other New Years Resolutions, are they a bit vague? If they aren’t specific enough, either dump them or add more specificity. See the SMART video above for more.

  • Ensure your goal is easily measurable this way you can tell straight away when you’re on track, or when you have fallen off. If your goal is something like “save for my holiday”, without specifying and amount and target date, you don’t know how close or far you are at any point in time.

  • Stick to your guns, RAIN, HAIL OR SHINE.

With so much help at hand, next year can be the year you forge ahead financially. We look forward to supporting you to make nextyear even better, no regrets. In 10 years’ time do you want to look back and see that you have achieved something really special? Don't look back on 10 years and think, "I wish I had ---" Take the opportunity now Here’s to a happy and prosperous New Year!

Erika Gilbert

My Income Organiser

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