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Today we are talking about the taboo topic of .... Re-Gifting. I'll open by saying there is absolutely no right or wrong answer on Re-Gifting. So I'm going to give you my personal opinion based on years of experience with Re-Gifting, and how I do it right. Firstly, why? Re-Gifting is an easy solution to a common problem. The list we discussed last week where presents should be wanted, needed, experienced, worn or read.... not everyone follows this unfortunately. So we often end up with gifts that aren't quite right (I can't tell you how many candle holders I've received over the years). If your gift comes with a receipt, that's easy! Exchange your gift for the right size, right colour or something that you need.

  1. Ensure the gift is kept in pristine condition.

  • If it has clearly been used (eg. if you have removed the seal from handcream, but the scent puts you off) ... sorry it's not a candidate for re-gifting.

  1. If it's almost in pristine condition, there are a couple of ideas you may be able to use to fix it.

  • Glad wrap can be useful for things that have parts that need to be wrapped individually.

  • Some people even go to the extent of re-tagging an item. Think those plastic things that attach price tags to clothes. You can pick these up for as little as $7 incl shipping from eBay

  1. Keep the receipt with the gift if you have been given one

  • Pass it onto the next recipient

  1. IMPORTANT: Put proper thought into the gift recipient. Never re-gift something to someone just because it's convenient.

  • If you do that, you're simply passing the problem onto someone else, and that's not really fair.

  1. Re-gifting is not an excuse to ignore the "wanted, needed, experienced, worn or read" check. Still do it to ensure the gift is right for the recipient.

  2. Re-gifting is not about being cheap and nasty. It's about realising this item isn't right for you, and matching it with someone that can truly appreciate it.

  3. MOST IMPORTANTLY .... never lie about re-gifting.

If you have re-gifted everything appropriate but you still have unwanted presents, list them for sale online (popular places are: Gumtree, eBay and Facebook Buy/Swap/Sell groups). If it doesn't sell, or online/garage selling isn't for you, don't throw it out. Give them to charity.

Have a wonderful week,

Erika Gilbert

My Income Organiser


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