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Over a year ago I lived from pay cheque to pay cheque with very little/if any savings. I tried multiple budgeting techniques from an excel planner, other budgeting programs and even MyBudget.

I felt a lack of control from balancing the incoming expenses and money to enjoying life. I felt budgeting was a chore and often ‘sucks the fun out of life’ as I won’t have any money left over to enjoy life.

Since joining My Income Organiser I feel I have the best of both worlds. I have access to a very effective system that can map out my next 12 months of expenditure. This has allowed me to effectively plan my expenses and plan larger non-urgent expenses (Such as a mini holiday) to periods where the funds are readily available. I have found I seem to always have access to money rather than having to wait to my next pay check. I have found Spending Planner is simple and effective to use compared to other budgeting systems and having my weekly check-in motivates me to stay on track and have been vital in altering my mindset to new budgeting habits. It is a fantastic feeling responding to my weekly check-ins with I’VE REACHED MY GOAL!

My Income Organiser has helped me become accountable for my own finances rather than just dealing with what arises or outsourcing it. I can happily say I have broken my pay cheque to pay cheque cycle. I have learnt a budget doesn’t control me rather than it works with me to achieve my goals whilst managing life’s expenses. I am now living comfortably while putting myself through university. In my time with Erika I have achieved numerous financial goals (such as paying off 2 credit cards and saving over $3000) and have been able to still maintain the life style I want and deserve.

Have a wonderful week,

Erika Gilbert

My Income Organiser

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