Christmas Present Ideas for the Income Organiser... You!

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Every year, experience gifts are some of the most popular presents because they won't hang around unused on a shelf, and you can give the gift-recipient something they'd likely never buy for themselves. Here are a few key things to help you match the right experience with the right person (and make sure you're not wasting your money):

Will they use it?

Say you have a friend that loves to travel and dine out, you might gift a night in a hotel or a romantic dinner out. Two things to make sure that's a good match for your gift-recipient:

  • A hotel might mean organising a babysitter and having a car or way to get to the destination. I might also mean taking time off work, which isn't always possible for everyone (especially for couples/families to arrange at the same time).

  • Leaving home might mean spending more money on food and travel costs and unless the destination is a “wow!” for the gift-receiver, that money spent may feel like an obligation.

Are the choices interesting?

Before you give an experience gift, check out the options of where it can be redeemed. A night in a hotel might sound good, but what if the options only include locations that your gift-recipient doesn't want stay at? For example, you may love beaches, but do they share the same interest?

Is the experience something the recipient would actually do?

If your experience gift is a membership to a museum or zoo, really consider how likely that membership is going to be used. I love museums, but not so much that I would visit more than once or twice a year. On another note, the experience gift should be something that the recipient would actually follow through on.

Here are a few ideas, plus things to look out for:

  • An invitation to take someone out is a lovely experience gift if you have the ability to do so. I remember a friend that took two friends that helped him a lot one year out to a show and organised everything including driving them around for the evening.

  • A massage or beauty salon visit is something that few people buy for themselves, but almost everyone loves. If the gift-recipient is really short on time, buy a treatment of a reasonable length (usually not over an hour, but it depends on the person).

  • A dinner and a movie (plus an offer of babysitting if the gift-receiver has children).

  • A ride like a hot air balloon trip is a great option (just make sure the recipient doesn't have a fear of heights).

  • There are so many amazing day-courses to choose from: a cooking class, woodworking, photography. This gift is fantastic if chosen correctly, but can be a

burden on one's time if it's not something the recipient is interested in.

The tricky part about experience gifts is that in order for them to be truly enjoyed, they require a bit of careful thought. Having said that, once you've decided on a great gift match for your recipient, you can usually purchase it online so there's no need to battle Christmas crowds and lack of parking. All the best, and wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas!

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Have a wonderful week, Erika Gilbert

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