Shifting From Good to Great

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Whenever I watch day-time television (nowhere near as often as I would like) and I see the ads for money and debt help, they always paint a dire picture. The one where you’re avoiding answering the phone in case it’s a debt collector, and you’re tossing unopened envelopes in order to avoid looking at what’s inside. Where you’re worried about every knock at the door in case it might be someone coming to repossess one of your beloved items…

While this is a very real situation for many Australians, it actually doesn’t represent the majority of us.

Truth be told, the majority of Australians pay their bills on time and keep their heads above water. They’re not defaulting on loans and not receiving overdue notices (unless they’ve missed it accidentally due to living a seriously busy life).

This chart explains it even better than I ever could:

That majority of Australians is where we step in. We help people shift from simply keeping their heads above water, to properly thriving!

From having to scrimp and save and keep ahead of school fees or mortgage payments, to having them covered months or years ahead. And that shift can be super-fast. Often times just months of working with us and you’re a good 10 years ahead on your mortgage.

These are the key steps we take when working together:

  1. Free strategy session to compare where you are to where you want to be

  2. Put together a plan you love that visually shows you how we’re going to get there, and brainstorm techniques to overcome obstacles along the way

  3. Support you through putting that plan into action

By the time we’re at step three, you’re enjoying getting further and further ahead of your finances and feeling that stress-free relief I mention so often. But words honestly don’t do it justice, only experiencing it first-hand will show how real it is and how good it feels.

To get started, simply call 1300 TIO 000 to make an appointment, or book online at a time that works for you: Have a wonderful week!

Erika Gilbert

The Income Organisers

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