Are You Busy Doing The Right Things?

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Do you sometimes wonder where your time goes? Always run off your feet? If you’ve been in the workforce any time after 1960, it’s likely you’ve come across someone talking about using ‘the KISS Principle’. Technically it means: to Keep It Simple, Stupid (though many people drop off the "stupid" to be a little more PC).

Most of us know people that tend to go about things the long way. It could be a friend that spends a week waiting to phone at a convenient time, rather than send a quick text, or a friend that refuses to read the instructions because it "takes too long" but will instead spend several evenings trying to work out the new gadget themselves (... and may do the exact same thing with the next gadget purchase...). I did this myself some years ago (before I knew better!) I spent weeks reading about a hotel for an upcoming holiday, looking into every bad review on a range of websites and then, of course, looking into the reviewers themselves (in case they were serial grumps)... you get the picture. Well, the inevitable happened. By the time I was satisfied to book the hotel, it was full and I had to frantically book into a hotel I knew nothing about, was twice the price and further away from the beach. Disappointed is an understatement.

Coco Chanel knew it - if you have too much going on that the same time, you have chaos, not beauty. It's the same with your day to day finances! There's no need to spend hours pouring over your money each week, recording everything. It can be seriously exhausting having to record every cent. No fancy Excel spreadsheet can solve the problem. Not only is it time-consuming, it doesn't give you any benefit in the long run. Save your precious time and keep it simple! If you've saved $8 on petrol, that's great! But don't worry about taking out your phone or sitting down in front of the laptop and recording the difference. If you've stopped to buy a $4.20 coffee that wasn't part of your plan, don't worry about recording that either, Overall, these little bumps even out and the life you gain from not focusing on them IS AMAZING! If you're an avid record-keeper, I'm openly challenging you to stop white-knuckling the wheel and only note down when things are significantly different.

Have a wonderful week,

Erika Gilbert

The Income Organisers

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