What Can We Learn From Katie's Story

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Last week Katie was kind enough to share her story with us – how she went from being the owner of a growing business, to bringing on a business partner who turned out to be quite abusive, back to regaining her independence by getting on top of her debts and savings again.

It’s such an inspirational story, thank you Katie! We can take away several important things from her story... 1. Get on the same page

While there’s no perfect way to instantly be on the same page, the best way is to drill down on someone's priorities, and to regularly revisit them. In Katie's case, her priority was to share the workload so she could spend more time living life. Her business partner's priority showed itself to be living life as well, but without having to work for it. A 'moocher'. Whether you're considering combining your finances with another person, or you already have, there's no better time than now to compare your priorities. Be open and truthful, and it's even more effective if you explain 'why'. 2. Your surroundings affect how you feel When you're trying to make some serious changes in your life, sometimes unexpected factors can influence you and how you feel. Katie found the cleanliness of her home affected her frame of mind and how successful she was. Have you found similar factors influence you? If you haven't found this, but you're suffering a bit of procrastination and you don't know why, it would be really interesting to pick something to change and see if it works. What have you got to lose? 3. Things can look insurmountable, but that doesn't mean you should give up You can feel the relief Katie now feels being on top of her debts with savings behind her. It comes out of everything she says and every smile she gives. If you are looking at a mountain in front of you and you simply have no idea where to start, remind yourself of this old saying: "How do you eat an elephant?"..."one bite at a time". Pick one or two things to focus on. That's it. Don't add in anything else until you're truly on top of those one or two things. Hands down, the best way to be successful!!

Have a wonderful week,

Erika Gilbert

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