Lina's Story: How I dealt with a second financial crisis with ease!

The Ansett collapse in 2001 left my husband and I in a sudden precarious financial position. With no income, a mortgage, a house under renovation and 2 small children, we struggled for years to make ends meet.

We then encountered David Wright and the system he has used to help thousands of other Australians (formerly known as Simply Budgets) and with diligence and a roadmap to follow, it turned our life around.

Twelve years later, the closure of the Qantas maintenance facility at Avalon once again turned our lives upside down.

This time I knew exactly what to do!

One of my concerns was moving our boys to a different school. However, thanks to our Plan we were able to keep them at the same school and their life was undisrupted.  With some changes to our Plan and a little tightening of the belt, the money stress was immediately taken away as we knew exactly what income we would need to cover our bills and living expenses.


I know from personal experience what life's challenges can throw at you. From what I have learnt from these experiences, my goal now is to help families in similar situations to a more secure and worry-free future through setting up and following their own Plan.