What will My Income Organiser do for you?

From your very first appointment your Income Organiser will show you how simple it is to put things right with your money and plan your future. You will be grateful you took the time to make the appointment, and your family will thank you for years to come.

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation we'll look at answering some really important questions. To define your goals and how you can achieve them.

Approx. 45-60min

Develop the Plan

Together we'll take a frank look at exactly where you are and compare it to your goals. It can be eye-opening for many! 

This will also involve some elbow-grease on your part. Remember, we guide you to your own plan, we don't take over and do everything for you.

Approx. 1-2hrs

Keep Track

Access your plan online 24/7 to compare how you're tracking with where you want to be, and make any adjustments.

Your consultant can also log in to review your Plan and help you through any difficulties.


You'll be asked to give your Income Organiser regular progress updates to make sure you're on track.

Updates are usually a combination of email and phone but can also be face to face or video chat.


  • Take the time to get to know you and what motivates you

  • Help identify your current financial position

  • Look at your bank account structure with you to see how your money currently flows in order to identify the best account set-up for you

  • Take you one step at a time through the process of setting up your own personal Plan that will revolutionise the way you live with money

  • Analyse your Plan with you to be sure you are happy it is going to achieve the outcomes and goals you desire

  • Regularly check-in with you. You're accountable to stay on your plan and together we can make any adjustments necessary to make sure it's realistic and working for you

  • Knowing that there is a regular, scheduled check-in helps you to avoid any 'crossing fingers' about whether or not you're on track